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[-   Awake   the world is this way because we fear the end we no notyet have faint enlightenments that have us so afraid our existence shall end we scramble trying to fit eternity in yet daystrying to complete a thousand in one weekwe are weaken at the what's and never seen things that make us doubt what we face are true and we can defeat shadows in places near and lows an offering to humanity we shall overcome all oddsthe last wonder by our spirit's hands crafted a master molding that atom a master piece we expect  our will is to powerful the world we feel should be ours only and there are fights that shows examples we forgot our naturehumans are fighters a defense here and actually some never touched  mother earth awake And enter a gate the bewildered garden that's not broken and see what really happened in humanitywhile we lade slumbering  pointing out stars saying he will go nowhere and the stratosphere is for anotherit is a broken dream to sit and gaze awaiting time when your wind shall blow a candle light swiftlycut in time silent without oxygen when mother cry because you're back in her arms  3Fingerjax  Good Morning Tuesday   From my heart it’s beautiful out my window  A blue sky bright sun three clouds in sizes They’re travelling on essence moving slowly above me Mom to her little one the sun don’t obscure The soring dove with a twig Forever recalling writing down  What it was told to do Breath taken affection in the atmosphere   Patrick Paul Stable thyself   For the time comes when all will seem new rooted in quicksand my lord in the immediate dreams of tomorrow are hard to attain. Wars they shield the vision from the womb walking to neighbors afar sobbing knowing healing remain etched in the building stone of humanity which go into dogmas that holds events that are similar but history is distorted and you will unreel Stable Thyself  For heaven is before a beautiful day’s eyes singing tomorrow will be alright in the present discomfort around the sky The tailor tapering marking precise cutting away Bright’s stitching darks the universe getting smaller the symbols Wrong in humanities hand is love words just cascading through a momentary wave of vibes for another generation to acquire the knowledge? Patrick Paul               

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